LPU THORChain Updates (End Nov 2022)

In this series, LPU aims to give regular condensed “state of THORChain” updates. Enjoy!

1. Savers Vault

Enabling yield for Savers Vault was delayed slightly until final patches were updated in v1.99 on 11-Nov, and Savers Yield was enabled in block 8195056 on 12-Nov.

Below are the status of the Savers Vaults (snapshot taken Nov 25):

NOTE: Savers Vault APRs have about 15 days worth of data and the APR’s may look larger than Liquidity Pool APR’s, but this is due to the short time period of data so far for Savers Vault. Please take the current APRs with a grain of salt until more data can be gathered for more accurate APR yield. The yield of Savers Vault should be roughly up to half the yield of their respective Liquidity Pools.

Source: https://thorchain.net/pools/savers

Savers Launch article on THORChain Medium: https://medium.com/thorchain/thorchain-savers-vaults-fc3f086b4057

2. Code Improvements

Backend developments do not stop!

On 10-Nov, a TxJammer tool/script was released to push random amounts of different types of transactions to Stagenet, to verify new Stagenet releases.

v1.99 introduced a huge Quotes Endpoint improvement which allows swappers and savers to know *exactly* how much a transaction will emit after slippage, gas fees, etc. Crucial to UX — what you see is what you get.

Reference: https://twitter.com/Pluto9r/status/1590880367497871361

3. RUNE Kill-switch Update

Since Jul-2022 when kill-switch for BEP2 and ERC-20 RUNE was started (https://medium.com/thorchain/upgrading-to-native-rune-a9d48e0bf40f); milestone of 5m RUNE burnt (and <10m RUNE still yet to be upgraded): https://twitter.com/chadthoreau/status/1590937080083140609

4. Ledger Support Update

On 14-Nov, Ledger HQ announced support for THORChain App (to interact with native RUNE) for Ledger S Plus, in addition to previously supported Ledger X and Ledger S.


5. Node Churn Go-TSS Issue

On 21-Nov, seventeen nodes were churned out. This was due to Nine Realms testing a Go-TSS update leading to Keygen failures. Bug was quickly fixed and all the nodes are expected to churn back in via the regular 3-day churn frequency.

6. Trader Joe Dex Aggregation

On 22-Nov, THORSwap announced that Trader Joe Dex Aggregation is now live!

7. THORChain Proof-of-Reserves

H/T to Veado for creating a site to track THORChain Proof-of-Reserves: https://veado.github.io/thorchain-proof-of-vaults/

Read more: https://crypto-university.medium.com/under-the-hood-checking-thorchains-solvency-e00600b8784c

Feel free to hop into the LP University Discord to chat about these items, or any other THORChain or Liquidity Providing questions that you may have.



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